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Web Page Maker 3.0

Web Page Maker 3.0: Web Page Maker- Make your own web page easy Web Page Maker is an easy-to-use web page design tool that allows you to create and upload a professional web page in minutes without having to know HTML. Simply add text, images, photos, animation, navigation bar, flash, buttons, logos, and more onto web page and move them freely. It offers several pre-designed templates, so you can create a new web page from them. You can export your page to HTML, and then upload your web pages to the Internet

Make My Own Website 1.0: Attention Beginners and Newcomers: Make Your Own Website Today.
Make My Own Website 1.0

Attention Beginners and Newcomers: A one-page website is all you need to start making money online. Download a copy of our free and comprehensive eBook on how to make your own website today.

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Make Your Own Website 1.0: Everything The Beginner Needs To Make Their Own Website
Make Your Own Website 1.0

To Make Their Own Website. Our website is chock full of Articles, video`s and Q&A`s designed to give you the broadest range of information as to how to build your own website. We cover all of the popular website building tools including Photoshop, SiteBuildIt and Dreamweaver. Browse the site, post a comment or question and find the right medium for your own website. Make sure to download our free ebook "Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon

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Pageload 2.0: Pageload is a web copy and web security utility
Pageload 2.0

and telephone) The page on the web may change or disappear completely The access to a web page may be limited (for pay sites) The page is loaded from your PC much faster than from the web All copied files are shown in the Pageload copy list. Pageload is also a web security tool. It informs about properties of web pages, warns about harmful web pages and protects from dangerous web pages accessing files on the PC. Web pages using ActiveX and Windows

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Easy Web Page Watcher 4.9: Auto checks web sites for text, updates, or availability,  then alerts you.
Easy Web Page Watcher 4.9

Easy Web Page Watcher continuously watches web pages that you specify for text, updates, or availability. If the text appears or an update occurs, Easy Web Page Watcher will alert you by audible sound and email. Thus you can use Easy Web Page Watcher to monitor a business news wire web site for a press release on your stock. Watch your web page`s HTML log file or your Blog for visitors. Watch ebay and Craigslist for items you want to buy.

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IE Screenshot Pro 2.6.0: Save an entire webpage as an image file or thumbnail image with a single click.
IE Screenshot Pro 2.6.0

Save an entire Web page as an image file in one click (it scrolls around the page taking shots and stitches them together), in the most popular formats. Can even create thumbnail images of Web pages. Stamp desired text (specified text, date, URL, etc.) on screenshots each time you make a screenshot of a visited Web page. The Send by E-mail feature makes a screenshot of the Web page with one click and mails it to others via the Internet.

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Dynamic Architect 1.4.5: Easily create advanced dynamic web pages without a single line of code.
Dynamic Architect 1.4.5

advanced dynamic web pages. Dynamic Architect combines a straight-forward and easy-to-use interface to help you build the dynamic web pages of your dreams without a single line of code. As a matter of fact, you don`t even need to know how to make a web page or what are the technologies involved in building one as Dynamic Architect does everything for you, the best way possible. Indeed, Dynamic Architect is able to generate a complete web page made

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